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Jungleye is an association whose goal is to collect a visual and transitive memory of the exile journey in order to give a voice to migrants and refugees. The images and stories gathered in this participatory photography project are produced by the displaced communities themselves. Aspiring to a more united and peaceful society, this project is based on two aspects:

1 Access to culture and the enhancement of talents and skills of each in order to promote personal reconstruction in posttraumatic situations.

2 Raising awareness among the civil society about the migratory issue and living conditions of displaced communities in order to promote social stability.

In the current migratory context, while many organizations respond to the basic needs of migrants and refugees, the benefits and importance of better access to culture are often sidelined. In this context, we are committed to giving displaced communities greater access to culture based on artistic learning and collective practice. The overall objective of our educational and cultural activities is to give the refugees themselves a narrative voice, giving them the tools that others, until now, used to use to write their story for them.