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Founded in january 2016, Jungleye is a French non-profit association under the law of 1901, registered at the prefecture of Nord-Pas-de-Calais N ° W626003479 – N ° Siret: 818 824 849 00017
All photographers participating in Jungleye projects are working under a Creative Commons license.

B. 1981, Pau, France. Currently based in Barcelona
Severine Sajous is a visual artist deeply interested in people and the human condition and she likes to work in collaboration with her subjects, allowing them room to develop their own artistic capabilities and express themselves directly. She uses the visual medium to engage with the world and to push for more critical thinking. Most of her work to date has focused on migration and refugee issues. In 2015, she co-founded the Jungleye association which engages communities through participatory practice with photography. She combined teaching with the association in different contexts, with her own photography and film projects.

B. 1992, Lyon, France. Currently based in Beirut
Julie Brun is a multi-faceted designer, humanitarian and architect with passions for participatory cultures and community-driven solutions. She has a demonstrated and history working in the development and humanitarian arena. She believes that both access to culture and awareness through visual arts are tools for sustainable development of cities and societies of solidarity. In 2015, guided by humanistic values, she co-funded Jungleye association and she decided to combine her technical expertise to develop human-centred tools to promote displaced communities’ voices.

B. 1993, Sulaimani, Iraq. Currently based in Toulouse Genjo Selva is an independent Kurdish Iraqi artist based in Toulouse. In 2015, while studying at the University of Fine Arts of Souleymanieh, he left his country to find refuge in Europe. He meets Séverine and Julie on his arrival in France in «La Jungle» of Calais. Since that day, Genjo has been an integral part of the association as an illustrator and photographer.