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  • Give access to new areas of expertise (writing, photography, illustration, use of the computer tool) through educative and creative activities.
  • Teach technical skills that are key to self-sufficiency in the digital economy.
  • Encourage speaking out through different means of Communication (writing, drawing, photography).
  • Challenge dominant narratives and create a new imaginary about displaced people.
  • Promote responsibility and self-expression in the form of recreational, educational and motivational missions.
  • Implement innovative education practice through participatory practises
  • To accompany people in post-traumatic situations to safety, reconstruction and restoration of self-esteem
  • Promote team spirit, values of friendship, tolerance and respect among migrant and refugee communities; and host communities.
  • Giving access to knowledge and assimilation of one’s rights.
  • Promote social stability between displaced communities and the host community.
  • Create new means of communication between migrant and refugee communities and host communities through daily tools.
  • Develop an advocacy and awareness campaign around the living conditions of migrant and refugee communities in Europe and the Middle East.
  • Giving visibility to NGOs and partner associations involved in the response to the migration crisis.
  • Promote the engagement of the civil society in the questioning of the migration crisis.