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Public Interventions

In the resort town of Calais, residents were divided between those who supported solidarity for refugees and those who longed for the good times when their city was solely a dynamic tourist destination. This context allowed Jungleye to organize photography activities outside of the camp to create social link between the residents of the Jungle and the local residents of Calais. In a sensitive socio- political context regarding migratory questions, these postcards undertake the first step toward engaging the Other from a distance. During the activities to sensitize people about refugees’ situations, local residents are invited to write a comment on the back of the postcard of their choice or within the Jungleye Photo Booth frame.

As postcards are exchanged and shared, Jungleye becomes transitive by collecting testimonies of different individuals from different places and creating a relationship between them: the photographer is the first person to express him/herself, a second person affected by it can write a reaction to it, and finally the message(s) can be shared with or read by a third party; or even many more. This process shapes the dialogue between all people—migrating or not—and engaged, meaningful understanding takes root.
We try to give back our actions at the end of each workshop in the street to maximize the visibility and the awareness effort by sticking posters, distributing postcards, …