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Social Medias

Social media is the main tool for Jungleye to give a voice to the migrants and refugees and help spread their message. All Jungleye photographers are administrators of the Facebook page. This allows them to administer their own image and self-represent.

Social media can be a great way to create dialogue and reach people beyond the workshop. Jungleye’s Facebook page reached thousands, and drew attention from mainstream media.

Jungleye [social media] followers get to know phographers better day by day. They built a kind of personal relationship with them. Indeed, it creates a link between people as they get to know their ways of living, their homes, their occupations, their discoveries, their meals, their happiness and sadness, their hopes and deceptions. A new social interaction is created, allowing a connection between people who would otherwise never have had the possibility to meet, and making people aware of their exiled reality.

Facebook is also an internal tool for Jungleye to constantly stay connected with all Jungleye photographers during the workshops and after it ends. As most of the photographers keep moving, either following their route of exile or reaching their final destination, it helps to have a Facebook page where everyone can stay in touch and share their work.

While Facebook is a spontaneous tool for sharing all kind of visuals and news, Jungleye’s Instagram account shares all of Jungleye’s postcards as gallery.