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Jungleye since 2015

Since 2015, Jungleye has invited over 150 people to express themselves around the language of photography. All participants are still in contact with Jungleye and continue to tell their story through the media.


AbdennasserAbdulfatahAbrahamAbu AlexanderAhmad AlsaadeAhmad AlsamrayAhmad KonbosAmmar RaadBaraa Halabieh ◊ Fadi ◊ Fouzi HrakiGenjo SelwaKhalafMaholiMaki Alsaid ◊ Mohamed Assan ◊ Mohamed Moussa ◊ Mohammed Chihade ◊ Moomin ◊ Muhamad Kunbos ◊ Muhammad Idrees ◊ Sami ◊ 
Seif Jamal ◊ Waseem ◊ Ahmad IssaAhmad Khalil Amini ◊ Artesh Abi Abi ◊ DavidImran Abuhadeer ◊ LeilaMohamed Rahal ◊ AlrawiSultan Al Telawi ◊ Vasim Ataei ◊ Aiman ◊ Alan ◊ Gina ◊ Jack ◊ Leila ◊ Maher ◊ Mazin ◊ Nazar ◊ Raeda ◊ AhmadAhmad Ramdan ◊ SharroAhmad ZedanAkba KhatabAliAyman Al Hadj ◊ Bahaa Al-Sayyed ◊ HalaHananHomann Hajj Salim ◊ Isaehem Saadi ◊ Kawa KawaKhaled Ismail Abdel ◊ KarimLahaf Asaad Al Omar ◊ LoaiMahmud ◊ Muhammad Ali ◊ Musab Almawed ◊ Naren Nader ◊ Naten Nader ◊ Raghad El Souad ◊ Rahaf Asaad Al Omar ◊ Rahida Joko ◊ Safin Nader ◊ Tolin Muhamad ◊ Toni Jason ◊ Waren Nader ◊ Yasmin Ismail ◊ Abdel AzizAbdo Al-Rachid ◊ AbduAdhamAkramAliAmina Kamal ◊ AmniAwad Said Al-Rashid ◊ Bahaa Al Sayed ◊ Basaam Said ◊ Hamdo Fawwaz Said ◊ Hiba ◊ Ibrahim NidalSafahSalahYasmin ◊ Aicha ◊ Farida ◊ Ghazia ◊ Haifa ◊ Khawla ◊ Nuzha ◊ Ragheda ◊ Safaa ◊ Seba ◊ Wazira ◊ Laia ◊ Soubhi ◊ Shir Ahmad ◊ Youssef ◊ FahimJalilJakob ◊ MarcosLenMateo ◊ Raoul ◊ Leonard ◊ Muhib ◊ Ilaf ◊ Maram ◊ Ali ◊ Mohamad ◊ Majed ◊ Kassem ◊ Sahar ◊ Ariam ◊ Mohamed ◊ Wiham ◊ Maha ◊ Chahira ◊ Ahmad ◊ Youssef ◊ Abdu ◊ Fawad ◊ Khadim Ullah ◊ Mesmin ◊ Murad ◊ Nathanael ◊ Ruta ◊ Zerabruk ◊ Mohammed



« Now I’m a Jungleye to show the world the reality of the Jungle through our eyes. Between the jungle and myself, there is an interactive relation. »


« Today, I am trying to escape the Jungle and reach my dream: to give a future for my three kids. With Jungleye, I also try to escape reality. »


« What seems the most important to me in photography is to know how to express your feelings and your thoughts just by watching the picture. »


«  Today, I have become THE refugee. I take pictures, I take videos, I denounce our situation, and sometimes, I suffer. It is hard to find yourself assuming this situation. But with Jungleye, I keep on creating and hoping. »
Kurdish from Iraq


« Involving myself in Jungleye has allowed me to meet wonderful people from many different countries and to gain new skills. Before, I used to hate everything related to art. Today, I am a photographer. »


«Every morning we run to the little school of photos and spend the day laughing and taking pictures instead of working in the fields. I want Julie and Sousou to stay with us »


“From now on when I look at a picture, I understand the message aiming to be spread to the world. I will keep on taking advantage of everything that I learned with Jungleye.

Muhammed Ali

« With Jungleye, I accumulated a lot of knowledge and I feel usefull again. I understood the important place of photography in the comprehension of our surrounding world. I am now the official photographer of the Katsikas Refugee Camp. I just published my first photo book»


 » I like having a camera in my hand. This adrenaline time to shoot photos. I like to be on the lookout for everything that happens around me. I would like to be a war photographer, to go back to my country and show the things that happen to be involved in it. It’s not...Read More

Vasim Ataei & Ahmad Ahmad Khalil Amini

« With the workshop we learned to use the camera of our phone. And most importantly, we have learned to create and think together »

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