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Postcards – Workshops

Postcards are a means of correspondence used mainly for sending short messages. It is also a support for photographic documentation and a means of communication that transcends borders. Usually reserved for happy holidays; Here, the postcard is a way to play on the dramatic vision of exile and the weight of their migrant journey, presenting the image with a dose of irony. With Jungleye, this editorial support becomes an alternative means of documenting the living conditions of displaced communities in order to initiate a new intercultural dialogue across borders.

Such as photojournalism and documentary photography, Jungleye photographers produce a visual memory in the form of a series of postcards.

Assuming that images say as much as words, the postcard remains a medium accessible to many people and becomes a gentle and extremely effective method for communicating the message of Jungleye.

Jungleye postcards projects are as follows:

  • Wish we weren’t here
  • SameSame
  • Behind closed doors
  • I wish I were ( in collaboration with Studio Public)
  • On the road
  • PariScape

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