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Roboteca – Workshops

Roboteca is a participatory photography workshop based on the topic of «portrait-robot» or photofit. It is dedicated to the displaced, migrant and refugee populations, but also to the host communities. Turning this method of facial recomposition, this tool also involves writing and narration. Roboteca wants to be a catalyst of shared stories, encounters and memories putting words and faces on the path of exile in the form of an exquisite corpse. 

A new identity appears through miscegenation and cultural exchange.

Working from self-shots taken in a studio photography workshop, participants assemble pieces of faces to create new ones and give them a voice. The «portrait-robot» give rise to new imperfect faces, which come together as best they can. 

In the corner of the eyes, around the lips, the scars of these faces are witnesses of the path of exile – down there, on the road, then here during a process of socio – cultural integration.

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